Hosted version

The hosted version let's you use an embed code for easier integration. then /type/currency/ISO/address/label-with-spaces
Copy/paste and replace with your own
<embed src="" height="38" width="150">

More info on:


Include jQuery and jquery.cointipper.js before the closing </body> tag.

Include cointipper.css inside the <head> tag.

Create an HTML tag for the button:

<span id="donate-bitcoin"></span>

Select your target (#donate-bitcoin in the previous example), call .coinTipper() and give it some options.

  $(function() {
      type: 'tip', // tip, donate
      currency: 'bitcoin',
      iso: 'BTC',
      address: '1G967MwCf6XsMufpot3wHzbYnU3d2RevD5',
      label: 'CoinTipper Tip Jar'

Supports any coin, just provide the name and its 3-4 letter ISO along with an address.